We All Have An X-Chromosome Podcast was made because one woman joked about the idea twice over the course of an unpublished podcast and of a man that takes the joke to far by going “Yeah but what if….”

(The joke saw the light in the Introduction and the Bill Intro)

Noelle is a Professional Librarian with a background in the classics who takes great pains to beat about the head and shoulders those unwilling to use the miraculous tools of the modern age (like the intarwebz) to inform their damn selves on important issues. She is the Red Lantern Sith Lord She Hulk of the Podcast and the reason it’s explicit. She lacks feels because she is sick of people’s shit. Sorted into Gryffindor even though she doesn’t believe in that internet test shit.

Bill is a Hufflepuff. Noelle will yell at Bill if that’s all he puts. Besides actually doing a lot of the technical aspects of this pod. He likes just sitting back and watching Noelle get angry. He has all the feels and will probably be the primary crier on the podcast. Because Hufflepuff. He has worked on 2 retired podcast and one currently active podcast Alice in Muggleland.