It’s Horrific, but it’s also White Privilege.

Cannon Hinnant, 5-year-old boy, shot by a black man in the suburbs. Social Media is shouting because it’s not being covered on national news (and it is at the time of this posting).

The thing is…

It is being covered on local news media platforms across the country reporting it.

And only a day or so after it happened.

As much as this is a horrible tragedy, you don’t see this about every black kid getting killed by a stray bullet, or if you do find out it is months later and only because someone had to dig for one news report about it.

If this was a black kid we would find out 3 months from now.

You also can’t compare this to…

George Floyd
Breonna Taylor
Elijah Mcclain

These three were executed by cop.

Cannon was killed by a madman, who got caught and is in police custody.

I am sad for the family and no one should have to go through that, but if you’re going to politicize this and point fingers at the media, I’m pointing fingers at the white privilege you’re showing.

And both of them are middle fingers.

-Bill Malvasi
Co-Executive Producer
Executive Director
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