Thoughts and Feelings on Costuming by Noelle Dial

I have some Thoughts and Feelings on Costuming:

People who claim that it’s “historically accurate” to have faire during COVID-19 don’t realize they’ve actually been reenacting the Black Death since February and they hate it.

They don’t want historical accuracy. They don’t want the stench of decay and burning flesh filling the air. They don’t want closed doors. They don’t want troupes of flagellants running naked and bloody through the lanes trying to appease God. They don’t want to see pit graves and mass pyres. They don’t want to wash their hands with vinegar and hear the dying desperate for comfort who have been barricaded into their homes in a pitiful attempt to stem the spread of the invisible killer.

They don’t want any of this truth. That’s why they want to run away to faire. They want to wear a costume that is the period equivalent of PPE and make light of the desperation and fear of both that time period and this. They don’t have any understanding of the gravity and meaning of the costume or how healthcare workers like me who are also Rennies, or people who have had a brush with this terrible death, or lost loved ones to it might find their enthusiasm for this grim reminder of another season of death ghoulish and disrespectful.

  • Noelle Dial is the Co-Executive Producer and Co-Host of the We All Have an X-Chromosome Podcast