Podcast Funding Drive

Bills are due for the podcast. We have started a Go Fund Me. You can also join our patreon, give a direct donation, or buy merchandise at our links above or in the menu on mobile.

We All Have an X-Chromosome has been working since Feburary to do what we can to be a voice for intersectional feminism. Being intersectional also means we have to tell stories and share information for not only feminist issues, but any type of issue regarding LGBTQA+, race, financial inequity, etc.

The startup of this podcast came completely out of pocket due to a well timed tax return, but bills are due. The first thing is the website. Due to our needs for the podcast our hosting bill is due in January 13th. That is $300.00. This pays for the full year and all of the various business aspects we need and use for the website.

Second thing is the yearly hosting. We use a good host that meets our needs. That costs $240 for the year (which is cheaper than the monthly rate). These are our primary coverage goals.  Our patreon monthly total is $9 at this time. It was used for paywalls and needed equipment so that coffer is currently bare.

Anything raised beyond that will be to make podcast improvements.

1. We would like to be able to reward our volunteers in someway. They have been doing some heavy lifting with social media and technology/artistry and we’d like to be able to help by showing appreciation to them.

2. There are additional things we would like to fund to help with our outreach, from upgrading our discord server that we do the recording on, to getting advance features with the bot that we use. We would like to be able to pay experts for their time to arrange speaking with us for specific podcasts (who get paid for speaking about subjects for a living). We would like to be able to pay people for work, so that means paywalls, art commissions, etc.

3. We would like to work on advancing tech. Bill’s machine is probably going to die at some point so getting things squared away for that would be a blessing and make all of our lives easier with the tech side.

All Donations will be given rewards equal to our Patreon status at https://www.patreon.com/xchromosomepodcast – If you would like instead of donating here you can be a monthly patreon.

Look, we don’t have sponsors banging on our doors. If we did, we’d be very particular on what we would bring onto the show because we don’t want our editorial process hindered because a sponsor doesn’t want something. We have a loyal set of listeners and the better we are funded the more we can do. Our podcast family has gone through trials and tribulations that have caused personal financial strain. Yet this is something that we do because we feel it is a benefit for society and hope our friends and allies agree with that.