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This is what Dumbledore’s Army would Fight

In some ways I am probably the worst person to go through and address this. I am the cisgender, heterosexual, almost middle age white guy. If I actually went to a hair stylist and lost a few pounds, and wore suits, I might be confused for Vince McMahon or Robert Kraft with all the grey that comes into my hair.

Yet here we are.

The factors that are involved require me to do this in a blog post instead of spouting something off on a podcast. You’ve heard me on the podcast. I’m awkward as hell most of the time. While I am not a writer, I do communicate a bit better via text, so here we are. (Note the next podcast episode we have Noelle kicking the door down on the atrocities of one of her fandoms, American Gods, and the story behind that).

This is about JK Rowling’s tweet confirming her TERF status.

I’m not going to link or quote it here. It is just a reminder of the pain many in the LGBTQA+ community go through. I was reading tweets where trans people chose a name out of Harry Potter to use until they found themselves. I learned about queercoding in fiction from my friend Errick through Harry Potter than any other fiction. Rowling stated that the werewolf epidemic parallels the HIV/AIDs epidemic and how it was treated in the 70’s-90’s Everything she says now about trans issues just comes through and stabs as your heart.

On depressed days, I sit and read tumblr posts by people using the Harry Potter universe to learn about and express themselves. The various headcannons make me teary eyed, thinking “This is what these stories are about, fuck the critics.”

Unfortunately JK Rowling devastated her fanbase. Now, they’re fighting back.

I’m not someone she attacked.

She hurt my friends, people I call family.

She made a personal insult against their right to exist.

JK Rowling helped a group of people realize that there is magic in the world and you can go fight and make things right for you and your loved ones. So my suggestion is to do exactly that. stop lining her pockets.

We have to separate the art from the artist, and to do that we have to strike financially and fundamentally a bit.

For starters:

No official merchandise. No amusement park visits. No 3rd Fantastic Beasts Movies. Do not feed the beast that is currently the WB. This also means the 9 ¾’s store.

Do not buy the new illustrated Harry Potter books that Arthur A. Levine Books is publishing. All of the contact info is here – That has their email, facebook, twitter, Instagram. Let them know that you’re not buying because of her harm to the trans community.

Let the WB know that because of JK Rowling you won’t watch the movies or any spinoffs. You can bombard Warner Brothers Studios with a variety of email and phone numbers here

Delete your Harry Potter games on your phone.

Your microtransactions feed the beast between the Wizard’s United (Twitter @NianticLabs) and the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery (Twitter @JamCityHQ).

But where will you get Harry Potter stuff?

As a Harry Potter fan, there are plenty of quality fan created items out there, from wands to jewelry to scarves. Take part in fan services, podcasts, etc, that focus on the inclusiveness of the story itself.

If you need copies of books, go to your library or purchase them second hand. My podcast partner for Alice in Muggleland got the whole set on a Facebook Marketplace. There are even those that have done book re-coverings on artist marketplaces where they unbound the books and rebound them with different covers.

Take steps to show that you won’t take this dehumanization of trans folks lying down. Let them know you are banishing the JKR boggart because she is Riddikulus. Let other fans know you are with them because that’s what the books are about, not about the hatred in the heart of JK Rowling.

JKR won’t be allowed to act like Dolores Umbridge. Dehumanization is not something the heroes in any story would do. Besides this podcast/blog has only room for one Umbridge.

– Bill Malvasi is Co-Executive Producer of We All Have an X-Chromosome. He also hosts the podcast Alice in Muggleland.

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