Episode 25 – Activism, Protest Fatigue, and Doge

We speak with Doge, not the actual Doge, but Bill’s friend Doge. The same Doge that took the awesome photos of the Boston Straight Pride Parade to help people fight the oppressors of hate and bigotry…and it got him temporarily banned from Facebook. We are protecting his name due to request where we not only talk about his activism, but needing to step back from it. We go over parts of his family history where other governments have fallen, social credit, and a lot more went through this interview….including for Patreon only 30 minutes of footage where we talk about a future where we may or may not need guns and how deadly guns are with various rifles etc. That 30 minutes is only on Patreon.

Stay till the end, as a bonus this week the one and only Alpha Riff has finished his song that he has given us instrumentals to use for our theme music.

The Riddlemaster


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