So what if it is an odd number year!

We at We All Have An X-Chromosome believe that having a voice is a major factor in everything that we do. The thing about having a voice is having your voice be heard. You can do that by voting.

“But Noelle, Bill,” you whine, “It’s not like this election cycle is important. 2020 is where it is important.”

Fuck that attitude and the mule you road in on.

First off, Mississippi, Kentucky, Louisiana. You have governors to elect. We aren’t going to tell you who to vote for (or are we) but quite frankly with issues that Mississippi deals with due to Abortion bans, Kentucky having Moscow Mitch (so vote for Andy), and Louisiana, well at least your governor is trying (even if he’s basically a pro-birth dumbass). Hopefully he can fucking grow until you all can get someone that won’t do shit like fetal heartbeat bills. Yes he helped with passing legislation to to work on lowering the prison population, LGBTQA discrimination laws, and teacher raises, but it’s really not his fucking business what a woman does with her body.

Second, one of the biggest things I see on people talk about is people running for office, especially higher offices, like our Criminal in Chief Donald Trump, with no experience. This is where people get experience. They are city councilors, mayors, state legislators, etc etc. If you are complaining about people not having experience, find your candidate, vote for them, get them experience they need to work their way up so we can start fixing the country and the world.

We wanted to get a blog post out before you lose the opportunity. Some are in a couple of days and not all states have online registration.

Mississippi, Kentucky, you have until the 7th to register for Election Day. Louisiana, you have until the 16th

Everyone else visit as it has links to all the states. You can go to your state website and find out, and GO TO YOUR STATES WEBSITE. For example it says Mississippi is the 5th but if you look at the state website you find out the last day is the 7th.

Go fucking vote. We will be talking about elections in depth on the October 22nd recording.