Episode 24: Climate Changers and Noelle is Undead

When this was recorded we were told that the Cheeto in Chief there was the inquiry for impeachment. We talk about the media issues not showing more of the younger activists that are not white, Autumn Peltier, Isra Hirsi, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez. Michael Knowles is an asshole calling Greta mentally ill even if Fox apologized. They talk about how Student Resource Officers only lead to minorities being harrassed due to two 6 year olds being arrested. They talk about Owen Valley High School when a student was suspended because she tried to report someone. We talk about again, more trans issues with trans students in bathrooms and shooter drills. They talk about the Midwest Furfest is awesome in their response about Milo getting kicked the fuck out of the convention (also Bill finds out Huey is a Furry). They talk about Billy Porter being awesome with his Emmy win, Michigan University getting destroyed, Jonathan Van Ness talking about his open HIV status, and Chanel Miller on 60 Minutes.

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