RIP Bianca Devins (#yesallmen)

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You are reading it correct, Episode 15. No Episode 14 yet. We All Have An X-Chromosome feels strongly about our editorial process. We will be using clips from what was recorded for Episode 14 for Patreon. However later in this week we will have “Episode 14” up but it will be clips that were sent to patreon as Patreon Early Admission bonuses with the intro that we had recorded. We feel that due to the state of the the news cycle that we should get this podcast that we recorded yesterday up now. This is hardly edited because of the raw state of emotions that were going through, the space and everything was necessary because the horror of the main topic.

See, things suck for women this news cycle. We spoke about the murder of Bianca Devins (Bill gets angry, Noelle shares her experiences). More on abortion restrictions, Trump’s a racist and the Republican Whip backed him up, Do not go and see “Adam” however go and see the new James Bond because it makes Bill cackle gleefully since Umbridge would hate it.

Noelle’s new question of the week, are pop tarts ravioli?


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