Episode 10: Interview with the Blind Zen Archer, Jaymie


“Wiser Guys (La Famiglia di Mostri Book 2)” by D.R. Perry http://mybook.to/Wiser_Guys_FB

Recorded 6/4/2019

We talk to our longest running Patreon and personal friend of Noelle’s Jaymie for Pride Month. We talk to about her journey as a transwoman, meeting and dating her husband, growing up in a household with heavy gun culture. They talk about the Straight Pride parade, relationships that fall apart when a woman has a mastectomy or hysterectomy, the lack of support for trans-men and how that also relates to the lack of behavioral support for men. We also talk about Good Omens and American Gods along with Bill running out of words when it comes down to active shooters on school campuses.

Jaymie’s microfictions that were discussed can be found https://twitter.com/i/moments/1105265647930478592

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Links discussed

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