Episode 4: Alpha Riff and the Digital Champions vs The Sentient Tacquitos

Holy Shit…we talked for 3 and a half hours. 45 mintues is on early access patreon mini episodes that will be out on Tuesday. This is 2:30 hours long as it is as we talk about an array of topics from race, religion, abortion, Nathan Pyle’s Boilerplate Apology, why isn’t Bill dead, the start and continuation of Alpha Riff’s Digital Champions. This has a bunch of music from Alpha Riff who does our general show theme but we wanted to highlight some other music (including an song thrown in due to an awkward uneditable transition). This includes Alpha Riff’s take on Kofi Kingston winning the WWE Title.

The bonus episodes that are on patreon feature things such as Food Quirks (Digital Champions Malt Vinegar) and ranting about why breaking up the New Day now is racist plus how incels become incels via a cracked article, which lead into talks about cults.

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Cracked Article



The following tracks by Alpha Riff were used in this podcast
Superhero Swag ft Crystal Hart
Blackholes Just Mean I Love You In Space Jargon ft Trista Kinman
Collisons of Past Presents the Future ft Force of Will, Crystal Hart, Trista Kinman
Daenerys (Producer Shawn Solo)

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