Episode 4 – Patreon Early Access Mini-Episode 1

This is early access bonus features. Because we aren’t doing an early access episode (and the episode will be out sometime tomorrow) as I cut out parts of the podcast it will be set for early access. These bonuses will be out to the public via patreon only AFTER the podcast is posted so if you want to listen to the bonus features before that, all it takes is one dollar (and we give you a shoutout on the next podcast).

This first one was Bill and Noelle ranting a bit before the guest showed up. Bill talks A LOT in this oneā€¦and he even says Fuck a lot.

Noelle and Bill talk about Wrestling, how breaking up the New Day is racist. Bill drops some knowledge on some WWE policies that Noelle did not know about. Noelle speaks about a recent Cracked article about incel behavior and how it leads to cults and multilevelmarketing.