Episode 2: Boob Armor will Kill You

We have Renee Ritche, freelance RPG writer and contributing writer for Onyx Path Publishing and By Night Studios. We didn’t call her this on the podcast but one of the nicknames is Grandmama as she plays our lineage lead in one of the LARP games we play/played in. Little girls make Bill cry (about Captain Marvel). Noelle says General Leia is a Sith. Noelle speaks about an Ohio cop that killed a woman that wouldn’t have sex with him. Other topics include sex work, the overlap between the kink and larp communities in regards to practices of community, safety, and consent. Renee also talks about representation in gaming and how she worked to have the writing in gaming books she worked on to show more inclusive aspects. Renee and Noelle also geeked out over the new She-Ra.

Also it appears that Noelle will be regularly squealing about American Gods.

Bill just smiled and nodded and kept saying to himself “Yes, yes, my masterplan is working perfectly. I don’t get to talk and I get to watch progress happen right before my eyes!” This episode caused us to drop almost 20 total minutes to Patreon for Behind the Scenes and Bonus Features!

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Things Renee is Plugging

Changeling MET Beta Slice


Mystical Rome LARP


Missing Women Noelle was talking about, Amber Evans


Videos that made Bill cry:

Fragence Company that Noelle had a positive interaction with


Where Bill suddenly made Noelle and Renee curse the Pink Tax


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