Reclaiming Masculinity

Facebook algorithms are wondrous things. They are something that lets you go back in time and read friends posts that you should have read a few days ago instead of 10:30 pm while waiting for your shipment of meth, acid, heroine, cocaine, crack, and pot. I just planned on having some pot or acid and go to bed. Instead because of Facebook algorithms, I had to shoot up some meth so I can rant.

(Starbucks Doubleshot Mocha, A&W Root Beer & Cream Soda, Regular and Cherry Coke, and Sprite. Hey unhealthy beverages are my drug of choice, sue me).

I have blacked out the names and dates and highlighted a comment that was made when Noelle posted this on her personal Facebook (because even though I have Noelle set to See First along with some of our future guests, it doesn’t let me see everything). The comment here got up my craw and wouldn’t release. Noelle might she hulk smash when we record our Podcast on Tuesday, but for me it is about writing. Responding to a facebook comment will not suffice.

Now I believe that this person was not trying to start a fight, but I’m going to completely disagree with them. This is like saying that because too many women that hate men call themselves feminists, and too many people are hurt by these feminists, that you can’t redefine feminism.

…but you know, you can make people understand the correct fucking definition in the first place.

As you see the definition of masculinity isn’t “assholes that hurt people” so we have to make sure to get it through to people that men are standing up to make sure that “assholes that hurt people” never becomes the actual definition of masculinity.

People have been hurt by toxic masculinity, but at the same time masculinity itself is not a dirty word. It is a word that men need to understand that with the times, things change. We have to decide what is masculinity now, as men. Just like men have been hurt by “boys will be boys” women have been hurt by similar tropes that stigmatize them.

Men that use the excuse of masculinity to hurt people are not men. They are abusers. They are assholes. They deserve to thrown out of society until they realize that being masculine is a part of something equal, and when you are equal everything becomes greater. We need to check ourselves before we wreck ourselves for good. We’ve survived the crash with the tree, but we need to get back on the road and be a safe and defensive driver for all.

So as men we need to change our ways, and call other men out for not changing their ways. If you write out masculinity you are writing off a part of the gender spectrum as We All Have an X-Chromosome.

A man has to look in the mirror every morning and say to themselves “How can I be a better person today? What can I do to help regain the trust of men everywhere. How can I lead by example?”

Saying that masculinity can’t be saved doesn’t help those that are striving to make it something that can once again be looked upon with fondness, and I hope that fondness is that we finally got our shit together and can work with all of the other forms of gender identity for a better society.

Masculinity is not just an organization you join at a whim. It is a part of the human psyche. It is a part of the many bases of gender that gets ingrained to you at a young age. It is also a part that you might fight against because what is trying to be ingrained in you is not you. We need to change how we treat not only women but other men to spread the fact that we need a New Masculine Deal because Masculinity Change is coming and we’re going to clean up this toxic bullshit that has been tainting our society.

Our guest for our first episode has a lot of things to say about gender. The three of us spoke about what we were going to discuss on our first episode and this is going to be a large part of the topic. The reason I’m getting this part out in a rant now, is so I can go back to simply being the Hufflepuff with all the Feels on the podcast. I’ll make sure to have some crack to mellow me out.

We All Have an X-Chromosome Podcast do not condone the use of illegal narcotics to the point of abuse. In fact some of that shit you shouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole. Names and dates were removed so in time when this comes out fights won’t be started elsewhere. Noelle would take you the fuck out if you started shit anyway.