This is Not A Wrestling Website: Women’s Wrestling is why I’m still a fan.

This is not a wrestling website.

As much as Noelle might mentions steel chairs to the head, this is not a wrestling website.

However, in the end, wrestling is a big reason why I am a feminist.

I have been a wrestling fan a good portion of my life. Junkyard Dog was my favorite wrestler as a kid. I had a period of time where I didn’t follow wrestling but I picked it up again in the attitude era, where you started to actually get some females that knew how to wrestle and could put on good matches. You had Ivory, Jackie, Lita, Trish Stratus, Molly Holly, and Chyna. They didn’t take the world by storm but Trish and Lita did go through and main event Raw. They had a bunch of classic matches.

Then there was a downtime in the Diva’s area, where they called the women’s wrestlers Divas. Lita would call her and Trish wrestlers backstage while the “divas” did their thing. The Divas didn’t really entertain as I actually liked, you know, wrestling.

It all started to change for me with NXT. It was a wrestler named Paige as the Anti-Diva. This week is the release of her biopic Fighting with My Family

Yes, Noelle, Paige is totally a goth girl anti-diva. The thing is she was putting on great matches in NXT which lead to more great matches being done with more women’s wrestlers in NXT. NXT started to become a staple for competitive women’s wrestling. It was able to not only bring out more people that could find out women’s wrestling was legit, but it allowed more women wrestlers on the independent scenes to get noticed. I started looking into other wrestlers, because to me the women were wrestlers not just eyecandy and watch them work. When Crazy Mary Dobson got signed to the WWE I was ecstatic and was hoping that she would become a member of the Wyatt family (She is now Sarah Logan on The Riott Squad).

I watched the WWE build up the NXT women’s division with fantastic matches and fantastic talent across the board. They promoted Paige to the Main Roster and I was frustrated because she wasn’t surrounded by the talent she had in NXT. When they finally brought up Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, I was legit stoked because Charlotte was a force. Becky blazed trails, and Sasha was The Boss and easily had match of the year with Bailey in their Ironwoman match. Asuka later had an undefeated streak that lasted over 500 days because Nobody was Ready for Asuka.

Women’s wrestling keeps me invested because to me they are now finally given a spotlight they deserve. I love Nikki Cross as the maniac she is (wrestling fans will notice a theme of my loves). Becky is now The Man and is not only carrying the woman’s division but she’s become the face of the company.

Meanwhile the talent continues as they finally have their first ever women’s Tag Team Titles (won by Sasha and Bailey), but there is also a whispering that the WWE might tell Mattel to stick it and actually work on intergender matches. Intergender matches are big in the Independents because women and men that like wrestling like to wrestle. It would be a big step for the WWE to follow in that type of footsteps…why?

Because as much as I want to see Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey main event, actually main event, oh em gee women finally taking the main stage at the the grandest of WWE events… I also want to see Velveteen Dream vs Becky Lynch.

And just like I said Musafa Ali was a Non-Toxic wrestler for another time… Velveteen Dream is… well… a topic onto himself.

I support women’s wrestling. Women’s wrestling is what keeps me being a fan. I probably could do completely without wrestling if it wasn’t for the women that lately bring the best matches to the card. They have earned it and you need to respect them.

(I also want to see Triple H tap out to the Dis-arm Her)

I wear The Man’s T-Shirt with pride, along with the other shirts that The Man has, just like I wear my Bailey Hugging Is My Business shirt. I’d wear a Nikki Cross shirt but the WWE, comeon, that shirt is a crime against humanity. The Scare from Scotland deserves better.

Thank you women of wrestling for keeping me a fan.