It’s A New Day for Non-Toxic Masculinity…

"We love you"
Xavier Woods and Big E Langston come to Kofi Kingston at the end of Elimination Chamber

The New Day. They promote the power of positivity for the WWE. The three men have the record as the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions. Kofi Kingston is the veteran of the group with Big E Langston and Xavier Woods. The three members of the New Day get into shenanigans and tomfoolery. They dance, they have fun, they throw pancakes, they tell you to eat your Booty-O’s. The three men have a lot of input on what they portray to WWE audiences.

Sunday Night in the Elimination Chamber Pay Per View, they displayed something that needs to be displayed more, and I am highly disappointed that the WWE didn’t go back and add the words in the closed captioning.

In the image you are seeing is after the Elimination Chamber match was over. I specifically have the time showing on the WWE network so you know at what exact second you can go on the stream. Kofi Kingston was a last minute replacement due an injury to Mustafa Ali (who is an entirely different story of being a non-toxic male). The Elimination Chamber match pits 6 men against each other in this thing of steel and chains and plexiglass that you are locked in until everyone has been eliminated. Kofi was one of the two last men remaining, losing to the champion Daniel Bryan.

As Daniel Bryan (who is at this time a heel aka Bad Guy) fled the ring after his victory, Kofi was laying in the ring after the loss. The members of the New Day came to the ring from backstage to this moment.

There is a reason why I’m typing it here because when I saw it I cried, and when I watch it again I cry, and I have all the fucking feels because this is wholesome and pure and the New Day should never break up.

At this moment, Big E and Xavier Woods get down to their fallen friend and repeatedly tell him, “We love you.”

And it pisses me off that the WWE didn’t go back and add that to the closed captioning which I hoped they would with the replay, because both men tell Kofi this multiple times something that men have problems telling their friends, that they love them. The WWE may be scripted but this is pure. These men travel together all the time. The road makes many wrestlers family. While they may still do their own things with their individual families, these three men are not only showing with their general antics about being positive, it’s moments like this where they practice what they preach. Kofi doesn’t get the opportunities for the singles titles much in his life. He can count them on one hand. The crowd was behind him. They wanted him to win. Everyone wanted him to win because Kofi generally puts his body on the line with his athleticism and agility, but still actively tries to put a smile on the face of everyone. You would have one of the most pure people possible holding the WWE’s top prize. We know it’s scripted, but we want to see someone that actively works to keep us entertain deserve top billing.

The New Day isn’t just about Pancake Power, Booty-O’s, or being your Double U…Double U… Eeee Tag Team Champions (with Big E Hip Gyrations). It’s about realizing that you don’t need to lift yourself up all the time. It’s about letting people know that you are there for them and they don’t have to face the battles alone.

Kofi had the two men by his side helping him up, not only physically, but lifting him up emotionally too. As the crowd chanted “Thank You Kofi” you had Big E just repeatedly telling Kofi “Get your flowers baby. You derserve this. Get your flowers. 11 Years. You deserve this.” As Kofi leaned on his fellow New Day brothers Xavier Woods kept saying “This is Kofi’s year. You have the champ right here. This is your year.”

Wrestlemania 30 we had Daniel Bryan finally winning the gold. 5 years later it’s time for Kofi Kingston. While the actual Main Event should be Becky Lynch vs Rhonda Rousey, The New Day’s Kofi Kingston should be putting on the show against Daniel Bryan right before that.

Because it is time for every body out there, to learn from the New Day.

Don’t be Booty, learn from The New Day.

Thank you New Day for being positive role-models, for everyone.