Spring Training Podcasting

Pitchers and catchers are now starting to report in for Spring Training for the upcoming baseball season. This is not a baseball podcast but doing this feels like spring training. We are getting things up to speed including working on a bit of the social media (we are still mostly Facebook oriented, but the long form notes will be on Patreon first then here starting in March). As much as I want to start doing the podcast NOW, you have to work out all of the issues in training. For example this post is also a test of some automated processes which I hope work.

I want to get down to recording but I want to make sure that we are truly ready for launch. We have 3 guests lined up for the podcast but not only do we will be reaching out to guests, we will be looking for more input in the form of stories, feedback, etc.

So if you want to send us anything, questions, stories, comments, feedback, some of which may or may not be used on the actual podcast itself, writeus@xchromosomepodcast.com where we will read and answer your questions, possibly on air.

We are planning on recording our first episode to edit on 2/26/2019 to be released whenever I finish editing the sucker. Sunday we will be sending the Intro 3 episode from the unpublished Vicarious Identity where Noelle interviewed me for the podcast. You get to know Noelle first, now you get to know me a bit. It will cover fun things from depression to feminism to books to ADHD. Enjoy the ride.