Dust, pardon it.

When you are working on building things up to get your message spread, you realize that it is a lot of work.

So this is the webpage. It has a lot of shit that isn’t on it yet. Give us time. We’re working on this shit. It’s not going to be something that we can easily just go through and fix. When I make shit Noelle has to approve it. When Noelle does shit I also have to approve of it. It’s a partnership. Right now I will show her this and she might go “Oh god that is horrid I see why you wanted us to get a professional.” but she might say it with more cursing or advice.

(I might have her withhold comments because we are supposed to be recording something tonight and that might make stellar bonus commentary, I’m not promising that).

It’s more out of pocket though because I want to make sure we have the tools we need right away even if we do hire someone to deal with this. Give us time, give us space, we’ll see what we can do.

(Also this theme was picked because it was listed as Rowlings, you do the math).

– Bill